Drop Shipping Program

The Drop Shipping Program is Unavailable at this Time

Our drop shipping program is now open! Just sign up below to join the program and start making money right away!

What It Is

Drop shipping is a service in which you sell a product to your customer from a catalog or pictures. Once your customer pays you for the merchandise, you then place your customer's order with us and we ship it right to your customer's door for you.

This is similar to selling Avon under an Avon representative. You show a catalog of Avon's products to interested prospects. When you receive payment for an order you let your representative know. The representative orders the products from Avon and gives them to you to be distributed to your customers.

But of course, with our program, you won't even have to deliver the orders!

What's Available For Drop Shipping Sales?

We have several beautiful Peruvian Jewelry Collections available for you to start selling now.

The jewelry are handmade by highly-skilled Peruvian artisans and sell like hot-cakes!

  • 10 assorted semi-precious stone amulet necklaces

  • 10 assorted semi-precious stone necklaces

  • 10 assorted semi-precious stone earrings

  • 11 assorted semi-precious stone bracelets

  • 12 assorted semi-precious stone rings

  • More assorted jewelry styles coming soon!

    Plus! Single-Style Jewelry Designs Are On Their Way!

    What You Get

    No inventory required

    Minimum start up investment - for about the cost of a necklace, you could have your own business

    Digital, printable photographs to show your customers

    Digital, printable catalog to show your customers

    No packaging orders

    No delivering or shipping orders (unless you want to)

    Place your customers' orders online 24/7 in the comfort of your own home

    The jewelry may be sold online, offline, or both

    You can sell the jewelry to family, friends and colleagues. Sell at home, on your website, your FaceBook page or blog. Sell from a jewelry booth, your retail store, or just wear it when you go out and see how many inquiries and orders you get!

    You receive payment from your customers first - before you order anything

    No need to worry about unsold stock

    Your own business, when you want & where you want - be there for the kids when they get back from school, spend more time enjoying what you really like to do, take a weekday off

    No minimum order requirements - you don't need to sell hundreds of products to stay in the program. You can sell a lot, a little, or nothing. This business is flexible for you

    Shipments are sent from Lima, Peru in discreet packaging (we will not give YOUR customer OUR contact information in any way)

    All jewelry comes with our 100% satisfaction guarantee

    Sell from anywhere in the world (even sell while traveling!)

    We ship to anywhere in the world - the product gets to your customer's door in about 1 or 2 weeks from the time we receive your order. That's faster than most Avon representatives can get orders to customers!

    Piece of mind!

    It's As Simple As 1, 2, 3

    After you sign up for this program below, you'll be able to start selling and earning immediately!

    1) Show prospects pictures of the jewelry that is for sale, and take the orders

    2) Fill out a simple form that lets us know which products to ship, and to whom

    3) Make your payment through our easy, push button PayPal checkout system

    Here's What You Need To Do Next

    Just click the secure PayPal subscription button below to make your payment of just $25 to join our Drop Shipping Program.

    You will be billed just $25 a month automatically for as long as you decide to stay with the program. You may unsubscribe at any time.

    Once your payment is received you'll be taken to our Drop Shipping page where you'll be given what you need to start selling and making money now!

    Click the Subscription button below and we'll see you on the other side!

    The Drop Shipping Program is Unavailable at this Time


    After you have made your payment be sure to click the "Return To Thomas Carroll" button at the bottom right of the page to get instant access to your Drop Shipping Program Member's Page!

    Questions? Just zip us an email to: peruvianjewelry@wholesaleperuvianjewelry.com