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To start selling just follow the simple 1, 2, 3 steps below and get started right away!

Step 1: Get Your Digital Images & Choose Your Prices

You'll need to show pictures of the jewelry to sell to your customers. We have digital photographs and a digital catalog available. You may use them as you wish. You may add your own watermark, place them on your website, print them, etc.

You will also need to choose the prices you intend to sell the jewelry for. We have included a sample price list document that you may edit as you see fit. Prices are what we'll charge you for the order (after your customers pay you of course & all prices include international shipping and insurance costs). Just add the U.S. dollar amount you would like your profit to be.

(Example: We charge you $22.00 total for 10 pairs of semi-precious stone earrings. You would like to make a $20.00 profit from each sale you make, so you change the price to $44.00 for the 10 pairs of earrings. With one sale you make $20.00 and the customer only pays $4.40 per pair of earrings!)

Click the link to get your images and price sheet:


Step 2: Fill Out The Order Form

When you are ready to send us an order for your customers make sure you fill out our simple order form and email it to us in the body of the email with the subject line "DROP SHIPPING ORDER":


This form must be emailed to us so we may fulfill your order/s correctly. Please fill out all sections as indicated. Here's the link to the sales form page:

Drop Shipping Order Form

Step 3: Place Your Order With Us

Next you pay us for the order/s. Payment is via our secure server PayPal. Payment may be made whether or not you have a PayPal account with a debit card, credit card, through your bank account or your PayPal account (if you have one). Please note that if you pay by eCheck there will be a delay in shipment of up to 7 days while PayPal verifies the payment.

Here is the order page:


That's it! You're all done! We'll ship your order to your customers and we'll send you an email when we do.

Your customers should receive their orders in about 1 or 2 weeks (depending on where in the world they are - holidays and postal strikes could cause some delays that are out of our control).

If you have any requests, suggestions or questions please email us at: peruvianjewelry@wholesaleperuvianjewelry.com


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