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Peruvian Jewelry Collection Price List

Item #Item DescriptionPrice
DSMSA-1 10 assorted semi-precious stone amulet necklaces$85.00
DSMSN-1 10 assorted semi-precious stone necklaces$38.00
DSMSE-1 10 pairs of assorted semi-precious stone earrings$22.00
DSMSB-111 assorted semi-precious stone bracelets$22.00
DSMSPR-112 assorted semi-precious stone rings - adjustable$27.00

You will receive an assorted variety of jewelry styles in a wide variety of colors.

Every single piece is handmade by highly skilled Peruvian artisans.

All items are shipped from Peru, the Mysterious Land of the Incas.

SELLER: Add any additional information you think your customer needs to know, and anything you think will help sell the jewelry

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