Wholesale Peruvian Jewelry Collection and Jewelry Displays

We offer the best handmade wholesale mixed Peruvian Jewelry Collection and Jewelry Displays at competitive prices.

This exquisite craftsmanship is sent directly from mysterious Peru, land of the Incas.

Description: This is for a variety of jewelry and jewelry displays. Images are examples of the styles you will receive. The collection come in a variety of colors.

Material Used: Semi-precious stones, glass, nuggets, manta cloth, ceramics, alpaca silver, etc.

Shipping: International shipping costs are included in the price. Insurance is included for free. Normal delivery time takes approximately 2 to 6 weeks.

Guarantee: Every single piece is individually inspected for high quality and comes with our 100% money-back, satisfaction guarantee.

Our jewelry collections are the perfect purchase to add a wide variety of styles to your jewelry collection.

The Peruvian Jewelry Package includes the following:

20 necklaces

20 bracelets

20 pairs of earrings

20 pendants

20 rings

1 necklace jewelry display

1 earrings jewelry display

1 bracelets jewelry display

1 rings jewelry display

1 pendants jewelry display


5 cell phone charms

2 amulet necklaces

10 manta cloth jewelry bags

Images Are Examples. You'll Receive A Wide Variety Of Styles And Colors!

Description: 122 Assorted Items - 20 necklaces, 20 bracelets, 20 pairs of earrings, 20 pendants, 20 rings, 1 necklace jewelry display, 1 earrings jewelry display, 1 bracelets jewelry display, 1 rings jewelry display. 1 pendants jewelry display. +Bonuses: 5 cell phone charms, 2 amulet necklaces, 10 manta cloth jewelry bags. (Photos are examples.)

Item Number:

International Shipping & Handling: Included in the Price

Insurance: FREE!

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Your Price: $330

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