Wholesale Peruvian Slave Bracelets
Single-Style Peruvian Jewelry

We offer the best wholesale Peruvian slave bracelets and Peruvian jewelry (jewellery) at competitive prices.

Our jewelry are handmade by Peruvian artisans from semi-precious stones, murano glass, bamboo, cat's eye beads, nickel, alpaca silver wire, etc. As each piece is handmade sizes and shapes may vary slightly. The jewelry is of the highest quality.

Alpaca Silver is not Sterling Silver but an alloy of nickel, copper, zinc and iron. Alpaca Silver does not rust or tarnish.

Each style comes in a variety of colors.

International shipping costs are included in the price of each style.

Allow 2 to 6 weeks for delivery. This exquisite craftsmanship is sent directly from Lima, Peru.

Click the images below to see the beautiful slave bracelet designs we have available for wholesale purchases.

Single-Style Stone Slave Bracelets

Single-Style Glass Slave Bracelets

Single-Style Cat's Eye Slave

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